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Canvas Sunglasses

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  1. Coming soon
    Canvas Blue Brushed Sunglasses Canvas Blue Brushed

    Canvas is a collection whose name is inspired by the fabric used by tailors to craft jackets. These sunglasses have a distinctive handmade blue frame made in Italy. The blue lenses, along with the rounded shape of the glasses, makes for a vintage look, but one that is a perfect match for the contemporary gentleman. Each hinge is tightened by the skilled hand of a craftsman.
    Delivery: 1-3 working days.

  2. Coming soon
    Canvas Brown Brushed Sunglasses Canvas Brown Brushed
    100% Handmade in Italy
    Frame Shape:Round
    Delivery:1-3 working days
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Canvas sunglasses handmade in Italy

Canvas sunglasses are handmade in brushed acetate and have rough finishings designed to recall the natural grain of the wood. This collection, available in several colors, recalls the namesake material used by tailors to make jackets. Canvas is the ideal eyewear for an authentic vintage look!