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Size Guide and Product Care

How can I look after my sunglasses?

We present a series of minor precautions you can take to optimize the potential of the article you have bought and some tips on how to look after your glasses.

A) warnings:

- avoid placing your glasses lens side down on surfaces such as tables, so as to avoid accidental damage;

- avoid lying down or going to sleep wearing your glasses;

- always store your glasses in their protective case;

- remember that the prescription to correct your eyesight will not remain unvaried over the years; therefore it is vital to go for regular check-ups to test your sight.

B) instructions for use:

- put on and take off your glasses using the sidebars, known as temples;

- if the alignment of the glasses on the face (the glasses seem to have a different fit to the one set by the optician/optometrist) changes, return to the vendor to have them realigned;

- take precautions in everyday gestures which may affect the glasses;

- if you cannot place the glasses in their case after use, avoid putting them down with the lenses face down, or in contact with hard surfaces or substances;

- do not leave glasses made of plastic material near heat sources or expose them to environs/substances which may cause damage, for example in saunas, hairdressers' hooded hair-driers, hairspray, car dashboard exposed to sunlight, etc.


C) maintenance:

- regularly check the screws on the frames to avoid the lenses accidentally slipping out;

- when necessary, ask the optician to substitute detachable rubber nose pads and temple tips;


D) cleaning:

- only use the products advised and neutral liquid detergents; dry glasses with the microfibre cloths provided;

- when products advised are unavailable, use water;

- do not use aggressive agents or alcohol, nor any detergents that have not been otherwise indicated;


How can I find out my correct glasses size?

After selecting the size, please check the exact measures of frame, lenses and temples inside the provided chart.

To help you choose the best shape for your face, we recommend reading our Face Shape Guide

For further information, please contact us at customerservice@thebespokedudeseyewear.com or text us in the live chat.

If you need prescription lenses, we suggest you to buy our frames and refer to your local trusted optician, since we do not offer this service.


Is it difficult to find TBD Eyewear in the so-called "Asian fit"?

All our models, including those in the largest size 51 – large, have nose-pads to guarantee perfect comfort.


What should I do if I encounter an imbalance in my frames?

An imbalance in the frames merely requires the screws to be tightened/loosened, as the acetate in our frames, being of extremely high quality, is more malleable.

You can take your frames to any local optician, who will be able to resolve the problem.

As our eyewear is of artisan manufacture, this slight inconvenience could occur.