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Mohair 24k Gold // Bottle Green

Mohair is an exclusive collection with refined lines, as sophisticated as the woolen thread it takes its name from. These sunglasses have a 24k gold frame, handmade in Italy. The green lenses, along with the hexagonal shape of the glasses, combine to create a unique unisex model where the classic charms of the Bel Paese meet the modern-day sophistication of the Far East.
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Handcrafted frame

100% Made in Italy

Hexagonal frame


Material: Rhodium combined with 2 microns of 24 karat gold and 2 microns of palladium

Each hinge is hand-closed by the craftsman

Laser Decorated Frame

Flat Lenses: Zeiss

100% UV protection

Filter: Category 3

*Includes leather case handmade in Italy and cleaning cloth