The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear is faithful to italian craftsmanship

The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear remains ever-faithful to its core values and its deep Italian roots.

The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear is faithful to italian craftsmanship

That is why, from the very creation of the brand, we wanted to be sure our selections were impeccable. Starting from scratch, our idea was to create a brand of classical and timeless sunglasses and eyewear handmade in Italy.

The acetate collection uses materials from Mazzucchelli Varese, one of the finest companies in the world for acetate production. As our priority is quality rather than quantity, both frames and lenses need to meet the highest standards; the timeless sunglasses are crafted by the creative hands of Mr Antonio, our 84-year-old artisan. Real craftsmanship cannot be worked on to a deadline, and the production of just one pair of our sunglasses can be extraordinarily time-consuming. In this collection, a classical style is mixed and matched with a modern twist, using a huge variety of forms, frames and lenses. Every name in the acetate collection comes from the classical menswear tailoring craft.

Meanings of the names of our collections:

•  CRAN – is an angle of 90 degrees between the collar and the lapel of a suit

•  CANVAS – is a name of the material used to make suits, stitched underneath the front quarters of a jacket

•  PLEAT – is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself, typical of some classical men’s trousers

•  LAPEL – the part of a suit jacket immediately below the collar that is folded back on itself.

•  DONEGAL – is a type of tweed hailing from the namesake County of Donegal in Ireland.

•  SHETLAND – is an island of Great Britain where are the best purveyors of tweed fabrics.

•  GABARDINE – is a tough, tightly woven fabric used to make suits.

•  DRILL – is a named after the namesake fabric, used in the military industry.

•  FLARE – takes its name from Flare, typical flared trousers in vogue in the '70s.

•  MOHAIR – inspired by the precious textile fiber obtained from the hair of the Angora goat.

•  CROSSBREED – Its name derives from a fabric originating in the UK, made by mixing different types of wool.

Our most precious collections are also made in the north of Italy, but the process of production is completely different: the two collections VICUÑA and ULSTER are made from rhodium, palladium and 24 karat gold. These noble materials provide exceptional plating, 80 times higher than other ordinary frames available on the market. Flat Zeiss lenses are used for this collection. For VICUÑA, the temple ends in pure briar-coloured acetat. Moreover, laser-decorated frames complete this masterful collection. On the other hand, for the ULSTER model, the frame is devoid of any decoration, and ends with a simple and subtle temple, creating a retro look. One fundamental fact remains intact throughout all collections: as with the previous collection, VICUÑA and ULSTER are handmade. 

Every single detail is meticulously planned and crafted by our artisans.