A piece of Japan in the heart of Milan.


TENOHA MILANO the concept Store located in the heart of Navigli, in Milan, has been created with the intention of proposing a new lifestyle based on the knowledge and the spread of Japanese culture. Located in Milan and Tokyo, with the ambition to spread in the most fashionable and avant-garde cities of the world, Tenoha is not only a place to shop, but also a place to drink an infusion and at the same time work in the appropriate co-working space. With its 2480 square meters this concept store with Japanese roots is a point of reference for those who appreciate the value of things and are guided by an open mind to the knowledge of different cultures. The ideals that Tenoha shares are well reflected not only in its structure but also in the meticulous choice of brands in their SHOP, including The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear, in turn an expression of craftsmanship, simplicity and elegance.

TENOHA project fits perfectly with these values, trying to promote the integration between Italian and Japanese culture under the different aspects of everyday life: food, work, networking, discovery and ... shopping! The large structure is distributed in different areas, linked together by a beautiful courtyard surrounded by greenery:

• Shop & | SHOP

• Restaurant & | TASTE

• Co-working and Shared Office & | WORK

• Event Space & | DISCOVER

• Pop-up & | KNOW

How is Tenoha born?

Milan like Tokyo, is able to attract all kinds of reality, activities and people. TENOHA MILANO is born from this scenario and has a wide offer to satisfy the desires of those who would like to enrich their lifestyle with new experiences, continuing to offer a wide range of lifestyle in an international perspective.

Tenoha is a sought-after store, and I imagine it also has demanding customers. Where does the scouting of new trends start? How do you choose the new products you must have in store?

The wide market of Japanese objects related to lifestyle gives us the embarrassment of choice. Research and attention to details, part of Japanese culture, make the final product already very different from what we commonly find in Europe. In collaboration with Tenoha Daikanyama, we try to create a more modern vision of Japan, a right mix between tradition and new, selecting functional, curious and decorative products that can perfectly adapt to Western taste and lifestyle.

What the Japanese should learn from Italian and what about the opposite? What is missing from one and the other culture that would make the difference?

Japan is very tied to its culture and tradition, and this also shines through the small things of everyday life. The attention to detail and the passion in doing things, even the simplest, is one of the points that perhaps most differentiates us. A point from which Italians should surely learn. On the contrary, the discipline that is taught from an early age to the Japanese sometimes becomes a limitation in "enjoying life with more lightness".

The Milanese for sure among the various reasons has the most cosmopolitan personality, and is always looking for novelties. Is there a product that is the most sought after or sold among customers?

The Milanese are always attentive to design, and the Japanese is certainly one of the most appreciated. The kitchen remains the theme preferred by our customers, the Japanese tableware is one of the strong categories of our Shop. Afterwards, our new selection of Japanese stationary always intrigues our customers, simple but super functional products, in true Japanese style.

An object of the culture of Japan that everyone should have?

I would think of an object of the Japanese tradition, simple, but adaptable even to modern use, the hanten. It is a short winter jacket that is part of traditional Japanese clothing. The hanten has a shape that resembles that of the haori (a coat worn over the Kimono) and is worn by both men and women.

A definitely innovative concept store. A restaurant, a co-working area, a Pop-Up space. Will there be other news that you can anticipate? Do you have other openings in mind?

We are a very young reality and we still have a lot to create, but also to improve. At the moment we want to concentrate on perfecting our concept and making it unique. We would like to make Tenoha Milano a place of inspiration, a meeting place, a new place of reference for both locals and those who are just passing through.