A talk with Marco Taddei

Between dreams in the drawer and style tips, Marco Taddei, successful influencer of the menswear industry, tells himself to the TBD Journal.

A talk with Marco Taddei

How did your career start?

I started working when I was 19 in the fashion world, almost 10 years ago. I worked in a showroom for 4 years, and, in the second 2 years of work, I met a fashion designer than made one of the collection we sold in the shop. I was the youngest worker, and I was treated a little bit like his little brother, He wind me up a lot at the beginning of this journey in the digital world, because they were the days when the first bloggers and influencers came out. When I went around, to fairs like Pitti, my photos were around and every time he saw me in an online magazine or in a newspaper he always told me: "Marco try it, people are doing well, try and see!! "Unfortunately, I was busy 7 days a week because of my job and it was hard find time to dedicate to another activity, so I always postponed or otherwise said no. Then it happened that this person died very young, at 43 years old and from then on, I kept his words in my mind, and I wanted to try, a little bit for my choice and a little bit thinking of him, and here I am .

What would you have done in your life if you had not started on this career?

Honestly, I have always been a person not suited to office work, because I can not sit for long time. I need dynamism as much as possible and also I need to exercise what is my fantasy. I do not know, maybe I would always be in the fashion industry, maybe not online, but offline.However, I think I would have remained in the field of fashion that was my first job anyway. I started at age of 19, so maybe I think I would have continued. Surely, the first experience in the showroom remains highly educational, It gives you a sensitivity to the industry and from there, you understand if you actually like it or not. Fashion from outside is beautiful, but inside it's a real challenge.

Today, influencers are not always looked at benevolent. In your opinion what will be the evolution of this figure?

The evolution of this figure, if there ever will be one, can transform influencer into advisors for fashion companies. Within a market that is constantly evolving and that has changed a lot since 5 years ago, I believe that a person who works, or who has already started working as an influencer, gained from this experience cultural wealth and real skills as well. I believe that one day this package can be made available to companies to create new market strategies. It could be an evolution, or maybe even create your own brand using all the competences and skills acquired over the years, these seems to be valid solutions.

Do you regret something that you could not do because of your work?

Maybe I would have liked to move to Milan a few years earlier, rather than now, but I do not have regrets, also because I have had my satisfactions. I am really satisfied I have created everything by myself.

What about the evolution of the gentleman 3.0?

Before there were men like Marcello Mastroianni who certainly did not have stylist or social network that helped them to take inspiration.I think it's a new rebirth of both the tailoring and gentlemen as well.It should be noted that as much as they can be criticized or not, figures like mine have taken away from the halo of dust that was on some brands maybe a little 'old or on the same tailoring, also gave space to young people. So the gentleman 3.0 is in its infancy, in my opinion, and it will be based on what was the man of the past, but with the modern canons of today. As Mastroianni or as people of his generation, I do not think there are anyone now, but we are doing everything to ensure that there is a return to what was the real beauty, without the influence of fashion that perhaps it is really excessive in relation of some aspects. Above all, in the male field, I see a man sometimes embarrassing, so I think there is definitely a need for a figure 3.0, this update. It's hard to climb, but here we are, I'm putting it everything and certainly other figures like me push to make that happen.

How would you define your style?

It is a style that certainly looks to the past, but obviously taking into account the volumes and fabrics of today. For example, before fabrics did not look at the seasons, they were very heavy. Now there is, besides a wide choice, the possibility to dress faithfully for each season with the most appropriate fabric, the most correct volumes. Surely I consider myself, not a gentleman 3.0, but a gentleman of today.

Is there something you're inspired by?

As I said before, surely my eyes always goes to the past, for concept it was really perfection. Nowadays I try to glimpse some features that resemble that period, but it's really difficult. Even the collections now look back. The designers look for in the past, extrapolate what may today be revisited and sold, and then make a collection. In my opinion, the past is fundamental, otherwise there would be no future.

Your male muse?

Do you know that there is not only one figure? Maybe there is a generational wave that was basically that one of the 60s. Maybe even earlier, at the level of rigor the years 20 - 30, obviously all beautiful, but should still be reported to the present day with the necessary precautions.

Is there a brand you are particularly attached to, of which you share values?

I feel very fond of a ties brand that is Niki Milano, a bit for friendship, a bit because it is one of those accessories, like the umbrella of Francesco Maglia, which is an accessory for romantics and nostalgics, made with a passion that is very rare to find in the industry today. Today, the tie is brought to the office, but outside that there is no longer the taste of wearing ties; the same thing with umbrella as it may be peculiar as I believe they are brands, that really have their own story. However, I do not hide my admiration for companies that sell for 80% abroad, because Italy no longer responds to this market as in the past. It is a different market and they sell their historicity, their know-how. However, it is fascinating to see these brands that still resist today, even if less in Italy than in the rest of the world.

Three style tips for this winter?

1-    Coat that can be a chesterfield or with the belt it makes no difference, surely it is one of the most beautiful men's clothing ever.

2-    Tweed Jacket

3-    Oxford shoes with brogue background.

Any projects that are not yet realized?

Some innovations are in an embryonic phase. They regard both writing and fashion collection projects. One day, I would not mind being able to create what is my idea of an accessory or for a total look. Then I would like to write something in specialized magazines, talk about style and reach as many people as possible, of any age, just to return to what was the right Dress Code to which everyone may aspire.

Italian for you? That is an adjective, a characteristic.

Italian is already an adjective, Italian is Italian. Italian is international, it is the word “Italian” that makes Italy great. So, for me Italian is everything, it does not need other adjectives to be described.

Credits: Marco Taddei wearing Cran Classic Tortoise and Drill Brass

Ph: Nafiseh Kaboudvand